Spill-Aid is one of the few products around that is made from a natural, sustainable mineral - Perlite. It is not a by products or waste material but the end result of many years of testing to get the formula perfect for the absorbents market. It is made in the UK

Made in Europe - Stays in Europe

spill-aid 4#

Other Product - Mined in Europe - Sent to U.S. for processing - Sent back to Europe

Environmental impact and sustainability

  • The global Perlite industry mines less than 3sq miles of land.
  • To date in the last 200 years, the world has not even used 0.5% of the ore available.
  • Limited mining impact.
  • No chemicals are used in the mining or expansion process.
  • Perlite is one of the few ores that does not create by-products during processing.
  • Is at least 5 times lighter than other absorbent media, making it cheaper to transport as vehicles use less energy to move it from production to customer.
  • All of the product produced in expansion is used with no waste left over.

Rural and urban economies

The Perlite Institute strives to improve the socio-economic development of many communities throughout the world. It helps to provide local jobs, and helps to develop the economies of local areas both rural and urban. It is the most responsible mining institute on Earth and can boast that it is the greenest with the least carbon footprint of any mining group on the planet. The use for perlite as a loose absorbent has many benefits that are demonstrated within this technical guide, not just for the daily routine of lifting various related spills. Using perlite has an excellent, proven track record that it is not only Safe & Environmentally Friendly but is socially acceptable & is an economically viable & thoroughly sustainable method for the use as an absorbent media.

Economical and social benefits

Perlite mining has limited environmental impact, rigorous studies are carried out prior to mining to ensure minimum disturbance of local biology. The members of the Perlite Institute actively carry out surveys on how to reclaim and restore mined sites back to their original biological status.