The Spill Sign Caddy

The Spill Sign Caddy

The Spill-Aid Spill Sign Caddy - A practical solution to safeguard good practice

The problem – The Spill Sign Caddy was developed to ensure that staff were forced into good and safe practice when dealing with a spill in an area with a lot of customers.

The problem was that staff (often untrained), when faced with a spill would either grab a spill sign to alert the customers of a hazard. Place the sign and then go back to get some paper towels to soak up the spill, the spill could include glass which could be a staff injury hazard.

Or alternatively they would just pick up the paper towels and start wiping up the spill, without warning customers which is a legal requirement.

The Solution – The Spill Sign Caddy ensures good practice and keeps staff and customers safe.

  • Everything you need all in one place
  • Includes Spill-Aid Power Absorber - the most powerful absorbent product on the market
  • Enabling spill containment and clearance without any physical touch
  • Leaves surfaces clean and dry for safety
  • Effectively deals with all liquids spills including thick or viscous substances like treacle
  • Ensures customers are warned of hazards and you meet the legal requirement
  • The spill is swept away and removed in the caddy for safe disposal

Dual purpose design - serving both as a cautionary safety sign and a container for a complete, ultra-efficient spill kit.

Place all cleaning products to deal with spillages into the caddy (including Spill-Aid Power Absorber - an integral part of the spill management system - sold separately) and your kit is ready to go.

Once you've removed the spill, simply place all of the waste into a suitable waste bag, place into the Spill Sign Caddy and remove from area.

No more leaving safety signs out while waiting for the area to dry with the potential for people to slip on the wet surface.

The Spill Sign Caddy kit includes:

  • The Spill Sign
  • 1 x 5L pouch of Spill-Aid
  • A dustpan and Brush
  • Disposable waste sacks
  • A pair of gloves

Stamp your own brand


spill-sign-caddy-colouredThe Spill Sign Caddy can be adapted to your own requirements, so you can include anything else that you may specifically need for your own environment.

You can also stamp your own brand on the Spill Sign Caddy too with your corporate branding and or messaging you want to display.

It is currently used widely by supermarkets throughout the UK to quickly help staff deal with a spill and prevent injury to both their staff and customers.