Waste Collection

Waste Collection


Spill-Aid is made from a naturally occurring, sustainable mineral- Perlite. It is safe and does not harm Humans and is both kind to Animals and Plants. It is between 5 – 30 times more absorbent than any of its rivals, thus reducing the need to stock large volumes of absorbents. Less material to use means less material to transport, that brings us back to your carbon footprint – reducing it in every way!

Cost saving benefits

On average it costs £275.00*  to have 200kgs of contaminated used absorbent waste removed and collected from site. With an average bag of clay absorbent granules weighing 25kgs, the company disposing of this type of waste, would only get 8 bags of clay granules removed and safely disposed of. However, the average weight for Spill-Aid is only 4.5kgs; therefore, the consumer will be able to safely remove 40 bags of their spill waste when using Spill-Aid.

This equates to roughly £34.00 per bag on disposal costs when using clay granules as opposed to just £6.87 on disposal costs when using Spill-Aid. But don’t forget! Spill-Aid will absorb up to 30 times more spilt fluid than clay granules. So not only do you save on waste disposal, you also absorb much, much more fluid with Spill-Aid.

Remember, if you reduce your waste collection costs, you’re also reducing your carbon footprint due to the reasons highlighted in the CO2 Emissions section.

*costs are based on UK prices as of March 2016